Branton Horsley

Orange County Software Engineer

About Me

Hi, my name is Branton, I’m an:

  • Open-source software enthusiast
  • Infrastructure automation advocate
  • Lover of Linux and command line consumer
  • Current fan of containers, TypeScript, Elixir, and React

If you would like to learn more about me feel free to check out the web version of my resume or reach out to me by email.

You can also find my resume as an auto-generated PDF, or in source code form (.org).

Current Projects

  • DanceDocket (working title), a mobile-accessible progressive web application for keeping track of line dances and their corresponding songs at different venues. It is written using Phoenix, TypeScript, React, and MobX.
  • (this website), a static web page built in a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins, git web-hooks, and Docker to publish all branches to a self-hosted Minio server from where they are then deployed to this server using Ansible.