B.S., Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara, March 2014


Senior Software Engineer, Digium

April 2014 - January 2018

  • Developed real-time web applications using modern web technologies such as Typescript, WebSockets, and WebRTC to allow users to track and manage calls, video call, screen share, interact with call queues, and chat, providing integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce, Web Extensions, and React Native.
  • Implemented automation of infrastructure deployment, unit and Selenium testing, and continuous delivery using tools such as Jenkins and Ansible in order to transition code bases from SVN to git, deploy new internal services such as npm and Docker repositories, create KVM and VMware templates, and improve product reliability.
  • Acted as technical lead for all front end software development: actively participating in software architecture meetings in order to incorporate best practices into our testing, deployment, and development processes. Responsibilities included providing mentorship and task delegation.

Team Leading

Other things

System Engineering Support Intern, Sony Network Entertainment Inc

June - September: 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Designed and developed web and command line applications for internal use using PHP, MySQL, Java, C++, and Perl to: provide tools for more efficiently interacting with and administering the MindTouch DekiWiki software, chart out aesthetically pleasing access control matrices for large scale server deployment, rapidly deploy and take down VMs, intercept network traffic with tester controllable rules for simulation purposes, and supplement the features of existing web applications.
  • Reverse engineered and rewrote the reporting system for a multimillion-dollar company resulting in a 9x speedup.

Network Consultant, University of California, Santa Barbara

December 2010 - March 2014

  • Provided network maintenance for over 7500 residents, solving issues both software and hardware related while working in a team environment using established phone and email systems in addition to help desk software and Aruba network diagnostic tools.
  • Responsibilities included hiring, training, and ensuring individual access to the internet by manually diagnosing and fixing errors in IP address assignment, DNS, and general poor connectivity issues.


  • Languages: Typescript, JavaScript, Elixir, Scala, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C++, C, SH
  • Tools: Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Emacs, Packer, Vagrant
  • Operating Systems: Linux (RHEL/CentOS, Debian), Windows, FreeBSD
  • Skillful in Linux/BSD system setup, configuration, and administration